About Company

Who we are? As for us in Stone Creativity Factory, we present modern man with a vast variety of natural and artificial stones and marbles cut and designed according to his desire by skilled artists whom we polarized from all over the world to achieve our customers’ requirements, constructing their house façade, floors and entrances, as well as decorating and beautifying their gardens. Our creativity does not end here, as our methods of design and implementation take scientific and technical forms, making of our customer a partner in production via feedbacks on the blueprints of AutoCAD and 3 – Dimensional drawings to be put into application after approval. We in Stone Creativity Factory, as having long possessed experience and credibility with the customers in cutting, shaping, adornment for both natural and artificial stones and marble together with original artistic touches that we aspire to accomplish and develop. Furthermore, we are trying to be the pilot factory in this domain. This is why we have been exerting huge efforts and unprecedented creativity to meet the demanding tastes of the local and international customers. Stone Creativity Factory was born to be a modern school for producing natural and artificial stones and marble at the highest quality and as per approved standards inspired from art, creativity and development.